Winner as “Best Drama Short” at Screen Power Film Festival UK.

Winner as “Audience Choice” at Marcello International Short 2020 UK.


Finalist at “Cortinametraggio 2019

Official Selection at Anonimul Internetional Indipendent Film Festival 2019

Official Selection at Foggia Film Festival 2019

Official Selection at MedFilm Festival 2019

Official Selection at Lift Off Sessions 2020

Official Selection at BCT Festival (Benevento Cinema e Televisione 2020

Official Selection at Screen Power Film Festival May 2020


It is late at night when Mauro wakes up with a start, believing that an insect has entered his ear. Silvia, his wife, seems to have a strange bruise on his back, which Mauro believes is connected to the insect bite. After doing some research on the web, the man is convinced that he is the victim of an infestation of "Scleroderma Domesticus", a dangerous parasite. Mauro begins to put the apartment under control by waking up his wife, who will soon realize that her husband's state of paranoia hides something far more fearful and ruinous.

Scleroderma Domesticus // Short Movie // 2019 // Official Trailer sub ENG

Scleroderma Domesticus - Short Movie - Sub ENG


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